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Locvita™ VEGAN VD3 - Cholecalciferol from Pine Source

Locvita™ VEGAN VD3 presents a breakthrough in vegan vitamin D3 supplementation, sourced from loblolly pine sterols and cholecalciferol. Our advanced formula is enhanced with MCT oil dissolution and patented microencapsulation, ensuring optimal bioavailability and stability.

At INNOBIO, we specialize in active ingredient delivery, addressing challenges such as large molecular weight, poor stability, and low solubility. Through the integration of materials, medicine, and machinery, we provide solutions for targeted or controlled release of active ingredients.

Locvita™ VEGAN VD3 features a protective layer for sustained and controlled release, as well as an instantized layer for rapid absorption. Our taste and odor masking layer ensure a pleasant experience with every dose.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of Locvita™ VEGAN VD3, designed for optimal delivery of active ingredients inside and outside the body.

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